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Saving you money is serious business

When it comes to running your business, there is one universal law – the more money you have available to invest in your business, the more likely your business is to flourish.


If you want your accounts to run efficiently and effectively, then hire our services here at Bells Accountants in Kent. You’ll be able to understand your cash-flow perfectly, so at any point in time you’ll know precisely how much money you have available to invest in allowing your business to grow and expand.


We will also prepare your annual accounts to enable you to take advantage of all the tax breaks you are legally entitled to.


We can also advise you on how to best structure your business by discussing the pros and cons of registering as a sole trader, limited company, partnership or LLP.

We do things a little differently

When you engage with us, we don’t just think of you as another client – to us you are our business partner. We will work with you, not for you. Collectively, we have over 130 years’ worth of experience in the financial arena, plus an extensive range of specialist accounting software which will all be placed at your disposal should you choose to take us on board.


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“I am passionate about running an accountancy practice that is reliable and efficient but also friendly and approachable. I pride myself on building a close working relationship with all my clients to enable me to provide the best and most proactive service I can.

I am happy to provide a free consultation to anyone who would like a fresh perspective on their business and its finances.”


Joanne Bell, founder of Bells Accountants

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