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Feel free to download any of our useful documents here, you are welcome to use them whether you are one of our clients or not – of course, we would love to be your Accountant or Bookkeeper so please bear us in mind if you ever do wish to switch….


Tax Rates 2016/17

Expenses Bookkeeping Template (non VAT registered)

Expenses Bookkeeping Template (VAT registered)

Income Bookkeeping Template (non VAT registered)

Income Bookkeeping Template (VAT registered)

Mileage Log

Petty Cash Sheet

Retail – Takings Sheet

Staff Expenses Claim Form

Below, you will find answers to questions that we are frequently asked – if the question you have is not listed here, please call us on .

How can I make the most of my accountant:

If you are not happy with your current accountant it is very easy to switch to us here at Bells but whether you use us or another accountant please bear in mind the following:

  1. Utilise free consultations – most accountants will provide at least one free consultation to find out about your requirements – make the most of this and ask away!!
  2. Get a second opinion – if you are not 100% confident about any advice you have been given check it out with another professional.
  3. Find an accountant that you can talk to – approachability and free communication is the key to a good working relationship
  4. Prepare for meetings – ideally write an agenda but if you don’t have time for that at least note down the questions you would like answered so you don’t forget anything.
  5. Organise your paperwork – make sure all the documentation you need to give your accountant is in one place – even if its in a shoe box! It speeds everything up considerably when it comes to your year end and saves you time searching for important documents later.
  6. Brief properly on questions and ask for further explanation if necessary – when asking us a question make sure you include as much information as possible on your circumstances so that we are fully informed and can advise you as best we can. If you don’t understand the response – ask again for clarification! There is no shame in wanting to fully understand an answer you have given – after all we would struggle to do your job so we don’t expect you to know how to do ours, that’s what you pay us for!
  7. Never be afraid to ask and keep talking to us – Keep us posted as much as you can about your dreams and aspirations for your business and involve us in as many business decisions as you can. We can only properly advice you if we are aware of what is going on with your business and what direction you are going in. Particularly if you are looking at investing in a major new asset or taking on a new member of staff, there is absolutely better and worse times to do this so let us help you decide if now is the right time!

Where is there information available to help me?

There is a lot of information available to help you on HMRC’s website:

We will always be very happy to help you translate any of the technical jargon you find or direct you towards the right section.

These are just some of the software packages we are highly versed in, if you click on the logos it will take you through to the appropriate website for you to read more about each package – of course, we are happy to recommend the one that is most suitable for your business should you wish.





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