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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford

Time. It’s in short supply, and cost savings even more so. Bells Accountants provide both to our Surrey-based clients, with personalised company secretarial services.

Get back to running your business and focusing on growth. Our company secretarial services are built around your business and tailored to assist you and your company. This is far removed from a tick-box exercise or generic range of services. Think of our team as a seamless extension of yours.

We ensure compliance and provide invaluable support, from the moment your company is officially formed to those weekly and monthly board and general meetings. We offer clarity in relation to corporate governance and provide peace of mind that your annual statutory documents are submitted correctly to Companies House, on time, every time.


  • Providing premises as your company’s registered office if required.
  • Virtual office services, collecting your mail and forwarding it on if required.
  • You have the option of hiring our meetings room if needed.
  • Complete maintenance of your company’s statutory books.
  • Recording and preparing minutes for general meetings and other important matters.
  • Completing your company’s annual returns, and the payment of any fees.
  • Dealing with your company’s changes of particulars or directors’ details.
  • Filing of your returns, as required, with Companies House.
  • Providing you with company formation services from £225+VAT, including registering the company with HMRC, advising on the initial share structure set-up, and more.


The complete package from an accountant in Surrey who works differently

Exceptional value is an overused term in the business world, and yet with reasonable fees and a unique perspective on all that company secretarial services should truly deliver, we believe that it is this that we offer – and our clients agree. Discover what they think of our services by reading their testimonials.

Call us on 020 8763 1711 or email us via  and hear about the ways in which our accountants in Surrey can support your commercial venture with professionals who see you as an individual, and your company as a business with potential.


Q: Why become a limited company?

A: The main advantage to trading as a limited company is that companies pay a fixed rate of 19% in corporation tax. As a sole trader, you are subject to the normal income tax rates which include the 40% bracket for income between £46,351-£150,000 and class 4 national insurance of 9% on profits between £8,424 and £46,350.

Q: Are there any disadvantages?

A: Accountancy fees are higher for limited companies as there is a lot more administration required, but if we make a recommendation that you should incorporate (go limited) we will always demonstrate to you exactly how much tax you will save and go through the pros and cons in full, so that you can make an informed decision.

Q: What are the deadlines?

A: Companies have their own financial year end set by Companies House. This is usually 12 months from their initial set-up. They then have nine months from their financial year end to file their abbreviated accounts with Companies House and 12 months to file their corporation tax return and accounts with HMRC.

Q: What can I claim for?

A: The expenses you can claim for are very specific to each trade. For example, a consultant cannot claim for the same things as a plumber, although there will be some things that can be claimed for by both such as travel and telephone bills. Bells can provide some general guidance in the form of a leaflet or a bespoke list. Fill out our contact form for more information.

Q: Does my business need a registered address?

A: Yes, it does. This is a legal requirement in the UK and any English or Welsh businesses can make use of an English business address (Scottish and Irish businesses must have a registered address based in their respective countries).

Q: How do I register?

A: To incorporate a private limited company you will need to register your business directly with Companies House. You will also need to register with HMRC. If you would like further guidance, please ask us when you enquire.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Virtual office services are charged at a fixed annual rate. Prices are:

£75+ VAT for existing clients
£150+ VAT for new clients

Q: What mail can be sent to my registered address?

A: You can use our registered address for any of your business correspondence.

Q: What will I need to begin using the virtual office address service?

A: We will just need to take some details from you as well as proof of your identity and a utility bill showing your personal address.

Q: How do I receive my business post?

A: Choose to collect your mail or have it forwarded on to you.