Switching your accountant is easy. To kick off the process, call us at Bells Accountants and that’s all you will need to do, we will do the rest for you.

If you wish to switch accountants, then our switch over service has been created to make switching accountants as painless as possible, us accountants deal with the switch between us, not you!

Switching to us is easy


If you have read about our services and, for whatever reason, you’re unhappy at the level of service provided by your current accountant, then don’t be put off by what you may think may be a complicated process. Switching accountants is almost as simple as changing the supermarket where you do your weekly shop!


When to change


You are completely within your rights to change accountants whenever you want, but if you are at all worried about the timing of this process, discuss it with us and we can advise you as to when would be the best time to switch.


How to switch


How to switch your accountantsCome and speak to us to find out exactly how much money you would save by switching your accounts over. We will then provide you with a fixed fee quotation for our services.


Once you confirm you are happy to proceed we can provide you with a template letter to send or email to your current accountants sensitively informing them that you would like to change and giving them permission to release all your information and documentation to us.


This is nothing to worry about, most accountants are used to clients outgrowing them eventually or finding another firm that suits their requirements better, their reasons can be as simple as they have found someone more local!


How to switch your accountantAll that’s left to do now is to inform us that your current accountant has been notified and we will do the rest!


We write to your previous accountant directly requesting all the information we need, there is no need for you to give us any information on previous years as it is all taken care of in house. This is a standard procedure amongst us accountants known as professional clearance.



If you are interested in taking advantage of the services offered by us here at Bells Accountants in Kent, then please don’t feel that switching accountants is a complicated process – we take care of nearly all aspects of the switching process for you.


To talk to us about the possibility or process of switching from your current accountants, please contact us on or via email at .

Please click on the below link to find answers to questions we are frequently asked:

Leestock Music Festival LtdBells were highly recommended to us and after an initial discussion over our needs and requirements we knew we were making the correct choice and they were extremely helpful from day one.


As a small start-up company we need help with the smallest accounting tasks, right up to the crucial and legally required ones.  We had extremely limited knowledge of accountancy and bookkeeping and have hardly needed to lift a finger – Bells have done everything for us!


We have never had a single moment of difficulty and the peace of mind we receive working with Bells, is priceless.


As our working relationship has grown we have been introduced to different members of the Bells team and each and every one of them has maintained the same high level of service, dedication and guidance.


Bells responsiveness is probably the best thing about them.  Any questions, no matter how simple they may seem, have been handled quickly and professionally.  It doesn’t feel like we are dealing with old-fashioned, stuffy, straight-laced ‘accountants’ – it’s more like phoning up a friend for advice


We have already and will again recommend Bells, to anybody looking for a professional, friendly and responsive accountancy team.


Mr Matthew Keogh (Director)

Leestock Music Festival Ltd

Ebony & Ivory Interiors LogoWe instructed Bells at the start of 2015 as we were very impressed by their proactive approach to accounting matters. We have found the team to be very personable and their attention to detail is brilliant. Prior to the commencement of our partnership with Bells, we found our relationship with our previous accountant rather distant and often found ourselves contacting them to find out what our deadlines submissions were in the absence of any correspondence from them.
Bells have been great in assisting with our accounts in a very professional and efficient manner and the switch over process was really easy. They have provided us with better cost savings efficiencies that we wouldn’t have thought of. Big thank you to the team and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you!



Ebony & Ivory Interiors Ltd


The Green Rendez Vous LtdWe instructed Bells from the very beginning of our company’s registration, trusting Bells incredible experience in accompanying start-ups


We highly believed that Bells could advise us when setting up the business, and Bells proved to be of exceptional help by corresponding on our behalf with HMRC, understanding the challenges of our business from the very start, thus enabling us to meet our company’s deadlines.


The fact that Bells has been following our company from its early stages makes the relationship between our two companies even more efficient, as we have the opportunity of going through various stages of our business hand in hand.


Launching a new business is particularly challenging, and having the chance to rely on a trustworthy, efficient and experienced accountant partner is essential. We would highly recommend start-up businesses to instruct Bells from the beginning.


Juliette de Combret | Founding Partner

Green Rendez-Vous Ltd.